Dear Inquirer, Buyer!

We have been engaged in the trade with bearings for 20 years. We have a well established system of procurement from both Hungarian and foreign sources. We sell all the types of bearings listed below. Our major line include first of all industrial bearings. Bearings for belt conveyors and utility vehicles are also found in our assortment. We are able to meet requirements in all quality categories. We have a warehouse of our own. Should we be unable to take any bearings right off the shelves, we procure them in a short time. If the bearings are required for scheduled maintenance we deliver them at the agreed time. We reply to every concrete request (we do not compile A-to-Z lists). PLEASE HAVE A LOOK AT OUR PROMOTION LIST. In the case of inquiries from abroad, the prices indicated in HUF are converted at the current EUR rate or at the price previously agreed upon.